Sick of writing at Starbucks with that super-loud jazz blasting in the background? Here are 5 non-coffee shop places to write your masterpiece!

1. Hotel Lobbies

Most hotels have free wifi and wide-open lobbies where you can work for hours without being interrupted. Bonus points for a bar-area that offers snacks and cocktails if that’s your thang.

2. Mall Food Courts

Check out the food court in your local mall for wide open spaces to write with minimal interruptions. There’s generally wifi, and again with the easy access to food.

You could be here all day and not be noticed. This is also a great place for writing & production meetings. Warning: come with your laptop juiced – not all food courts have outlets, because… kids.

3. The Library

Everyone seems to forget about the library!

Wifi? Check!

Total silence? check!

There’s lots of other people around, getting work done, too. So it feels like you’re in it together. The downside – no food or drink. Boo. But I HIGHLY recommend the Glendale library, it’s pretty amazing!

4. The Writers Guild Foundation Library

A little hidden gem in West Hollywood. The writing energy is fantastic here as you’re surrounded by writing books and access to hundreds of scripts for research. The staff is helpful and the room is quiet.

Downsides include the 2-hour parking limit and the library is fairly small. You need to get here early to lock down a seat. It’s closed on Sundays & Mondays

5. College Campuses

Check out spaces at LA Valley Community College, Santa Monica Community College, UCLA, or USC. They have lots of areas to sit and get work done indoors and out in the courtyards. Best part? No purchase necessary.

Now you’d got a mobile office away from your home distractions anytime you need!

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