You’ve found your calling - you were BORN to act. You’ve got the passion part on lock! But somehow you fell into an endless loop of workshops, headshots, and self-submissions.

You put everything you have into this business and somehow it feels like you’re never working  “hard enough”! Your energy and bank account are depleting You need new tactics, answers, and clear direction…

At HAPPY ACTORS - we’re here to share knowledge & resources to save you time, money, and the heartache that comes with going at it alone.

Our goal is to transform the professional acting culture from "struggling" to "thriving," and remind actors why they fell in love with this art in the first place!

We provide mindset shifts, (loving) kicks-in-the-pants, unique resources, and online training you won’t find in any other book or studio. Plus tons of other content to help you book more work, run your biz like a boss, and cultivate a healthy mindset.

We’re giving you permission to make this FUN again. The push you need to take your power back from the gatekeepers. We want to give you the tools to run your business WHILE being happy. Because guess what-- happiness attracts work!

About Tristen:

Tristen MacDonald is a working actor & screenwriter in Los Angeles, currently recurring on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the spokesperson for three national brands. Other credits include recurring on NCIS: LA, Grey’s Anatomy, Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, national commercials for Amica, Taco Bell, Toyota (and dozens more), and the Groundlings Sunday Company.

Tristen also helps actors grow their biz with audition and career coaching. Calling upon her sixteen years in the acting profession AND her professional training as a life coach at CTI, she gives you tough love AND cheerleading. You need both!

But something wasn’t sitting right with Tristen: most of her clients were unhappy in the biz and riddled with negative self-talk.

Otherwise talented artists were holding on to half-truths about how the business worked and were left to figure it out alone. They were desperate for a strategy and an ally to cheer them on.

Having spent years feeling the same way before finding a way out, Tristen became obsessed with supporting every creative soul she could by offering a realistic peek behind the curtain and sharing secrets others wouldn’t.

The result? Clients signed with new reps, booked more of the RIGHT jobs, and pursued their career with a renewed sense of passion. More importantly, they grew as people. Which is at the very heart of Tristen and Happy Actors' agenda.

“Your hero’s journey is about who you become WHILE you pursue your goals. We're honored to be part of your story."

Welcome to the tribe! 

xo, Tristen

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