Become a Professional Actor!

And skip the "struggling" part.

You long to be a consistently working actor. But when gatekeepers who don't even know you call the shots, it's hard to get the right auditions. You're starting to wonder if you'll ever get this "acting thing" off the ground!

Following your dreams should be exciting... not depressing!

I was exactly where you are! I've been in the acting business in Los Angeles for 16 years and I know what it's like to work your butt off and see gravely disproportionate results. It's maddening.

After years of trying #AllTheThings, I've found a way to live an artistic life with joy and financial stability. I want to help you get there faster!

Whether you've already been in the biz for some time, or are just now considering moving to Los Angeles, I've got a plan, just for you!



Actor Business Plan is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you how to get crystal clear on your brand and marketing materials, but how to use that information to strategically grow your career and book more acting work! 

Save yourself years of hustle & start booking faster by creating a strategy that's tailored-to-you!

Here's The Plan...

Get Instant Access

Enroll in Actor Business Plan and instantly unlock the ABP Core Curriculum, Interactive Worksheets & Templates, Bonus Trainings and Tutorial Vault.


Learn the most important details that make an actor highly castable, what your personal brand is, and how to leverage that knowledge to book the right roles faster.

Join The Tribe

Enjoy ongoing support any time you need it with our private online mastermind. As well as lifetime access to all course content and future updates.


You have no idea how to market yourself as an actor! I can help with that! I'm committed to providing you with every tool I have to help you cultivate the fulfilling acting career of your dreams. I'm holding nothing back!

"I booked five projects in the first month!"

"From the very first lesson of ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN, I was so inspired. Auditions have gone from "Please let me book this!" to "Let me help THEM find who they are looking for.” Getting crystal clear on my “type” and submitting for the right roles is a game changer! The ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN resources and bonuses are worth the price alone. If you're passionate about acting and want to take your business to the next level, this course is for you - 100%"


"I wish I would've had this ten years ago!"

If you think you know everything about the business, you don't, and this is the course you need to really study. They tell you "It's not what you know, but who you know". This program is like having an insider friend telling you all the secrets about the business AND being real about it. It feels as if she’s revealing classified information. She’s lifted the curtain to OZ.

A.J. O'CONNELL  //  Actor

The Average Monthly Rent In Los Angeles = $1440

At that rate, you can't afford to waste a single day!

Not having a strategic plan for your acting business is costing you time, money, and years of not doing what you love most. Don't risk...

  • Spending the next year passively waiting for auditions to "build your credits."
  • Wasting money on yet another round of headshots, hoping these "work."
  • Getting hyped up for another agent showcase or casting workshop, only to hear crickets.

Instead, Get Clear On Your Biz-ness!

When you learn to view your career from a business perspective, you'll have...

  • Clarity on your brand & attract the roles you were born to play.
  • A tangible budget and career strategy, tailored to your unique situation, so you know exactly where to invest and when.
  • Expert-level working knowledge of the entertainment industry so you can effectively collaborate with directors, writers, & casting directors.
  • A supportive community cheering you on.

It's time to take your dreams out of the hands of the gatekeepers.

Dreams are meant for chasing... not waiting.

Take A Peek...

Actor Business Plan is a step-by-step guide to launching & growing the fulfilling career you've always dreamed about. Enroll now and get instant access to our suite of lessons, bonus trainings, worksheets and templates. Plus immediate access to our private Facebook community!

Available wherever you are

Computer, tablet, phone... Take your training with you wherever you go! So you can learn on vacation, at the gym, or waiting for your turn at that commercial audition.


All lessons and worksheets are available right away in your member's area. Unlike in-person courses where you need to scribble all your notes as you go, these lessons will be here any time you need them and updated as new information becomes available.


Work through the content at your own pace, and when you need it, your Facebook Community will be there to offer feedback, support, and answer questions. 


Not only will you receive your printable career BIZ PLAN, you'll have instant access to our growing library of additional resources. Including...

  • Agent Meeting Prep Checklist
  • Headshot Prep Guide
  • Find-Your-Type Survey & Worksheet
  • Yearly Actor Task Reminder Calendar
  • Resume Template
  • Customizable Budget Worksheet
  • Income & Residual Tracker

The Curriculum

In order to provide the most impactful experience to each student, each module is rolled out week-by-week. This way, you're receiving focused attention on each week's content inside our mastermind group. Here's a look at what each week has in store.

  • MODULE 1

  • MODULE 2

  • MODULE 3

  • MODULE 4

  • MODULE 5


MODULE 1 - Defining Your Product

The magic starts here as you reframe your mindset to a small business owner & being of service to your clients. You'll get clear why you're here and what your "special sauce" is. And break down your brand once and for all!

The best part is, you don't have to figure this all out by yourself. Join our community and find a valuable network of supportive artists to give you feedback and cheer you on!

Your Instructor

Tristen MacDonald

Actress / Screenwriter / Coach

In addition to being the creator & instructor of Actor Business Plan, Tristen MacDonald is a currently working actress & screenwriter in Los Angeles. She's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NCIS: Los Angeles, Henry Danger, & The Comedy Get Down, to name a few. Tristen has also appeared in over 50 national commercials, including acting as the current spokesperson for Amica Insurance, Gold Bond, & Smileactives.

Not only has Tristen coached actors on their careers for over a decade, she's also a trained life coach. Helping actors grow their careers is a passion she takes very seriously. That includes YOU! 

I’ve taken EVERYTHING I’ve learned in my 16 years in Hollywood, from television guest stars to numerous national commercial campaigns & spokesperson gigs, and put it into this comprehensive, step-by-step program to help you create an action plan to launch your career.

Your Investment

The cost of this jam-packed, treasure trove of info is a one-time payment of $89.

That includes immediate access to your first module of lessons to jumpstart your career from your current location, access to our mastermind community, and all future additions and updates of the course.

That's cheaper than pretty much any headshot session or class in Los Angeles! So you’re already saving cash!

I can’t wait to help you jump the line in Hollywood! Become an ABP Member now!

Our Students Are Both New Actors...

"In one word... Fulfilling!"

I’m about to make the leap to LA and am so grateful to have found Tristen and ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN. It gave me the power to tackle a ton of tasks before the move so I’m totally prepared! The course is detailed, organized, and forces you to ask tough questions of yourself. In many of the lessons, I felt like she was talking directly to me.

Tristen pull no punches, she’s direct and honest about the realities of the entertainment industry and I love that. Moving to LA isn’t for everyone, but if you’re serious about doing this, ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN will give you the insight and tools to succeed.



"A genuine renewed hope for my career!"

An acting veteran, I started in Hollywood 20+ years ago but never gained the traction I was hoping for. I’ve felt STUCK STUCK STUCK for ten years now. That is, until I took ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN. It's the best course I've taken on the Business of Acting -- totally worth the investment! It’s specific, detailed, and covers more realities of the business than anything else I've tried.


You Can't Afford To Move To Los Angeles Without A Plan!

Becoming a professional actor is a career like any other. It takes training, guidance, and knowing the right people. Let us guide you through all the tough stuff BEFORE you get here! So you can feel confident as soon as you arrive!

Inside Actor Business Plan, You'll Get...

  • Step-by-step guidance with all the tools you'll need to kick off a successful career, taught by current working professionals.
  • An inside look at the industry from the perspective of casting directors, writers, & directors.
  • How to read contracts & sniff out a scam.
  • Tips on how to "Network" without feeling awkward, sleazy, or needy.
  • A clear grasp of your "brand," where you fit into the current market, and how to leverage that information to book more work.
  • Easy-to-use templates, organizational systems, & tutorials to keep your business running smoothly.
  • How to create your own work - even if you've never done it before! Don't be scared, we'll walk you through it.
  • Unlimited ongoing access to course materials and all future updates.

Plus Access To Our Private Mastermind Group!

Leverage this group to...

  • Crowdsource career decisions from best times to move, areas of town to seek housing, find roommates/couch-surfing opportunities, etc.
  • Receive quick feedback from your peers on anything from headshots to reels.
  • Start building your future network of creative partners today.
  • Access bonus career-building challenges and support!

"I learned more from this course than in 4 years of college!"

ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is an AWESOME confidence booster and keeps you motivated! But more importantly, jam-packed with valuable information. I paid thousands of dollars for my college training but there was a lot about the business that was missing. It was all covered in this course and left me fulfilled for the first time -- it finally clicked!

I’ll admit I was tempted to skip lessons that felt like things I already knew, and I’m so glad I didn’t! There was way more packed into those lessons that I’d never heard before. This is the guidance I’ve needed from Day 1!

ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is full of industry tips and tricks you're not going to get from reading a book or watching videos because Tristen has so much insider knowledge and shares it freely. This course is beyond worth it and essential for any actor, no matter their experience level. I would go as far as to call it a NECESSITY.


"This came at the perfect time!"

"Before taking ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN, I was floundering-- not sure how to balance my personal life and job with the business of acting. I had no idea how to juggle the day-to-day stuff you need to do to be a professional actor, so this came at the perfect time!

It’s more than just an online course. ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is encouraging and realistic, with practical attainable goals for each lesson. It's a step-by-step breakdown of how to get your career up and running. You need talent sure, but this course helps you break down the admin side of things and run your career like the business it is. If you’re not sure what your next step should be, I’d say you need an ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN."


My Story

Don't let this be your story!

I was exactly where you are. I always knew I wanted to be a film/television actress! I read every book I could find on “How to make it in Hollywood” and did everything I could to prepare. I worked for over a year, pulling doubles at Red Robin to save up TEN THOUSAND dollars. A true fortune to me. I packed up my life into two boxes and headed to Los Angeles alone… just me and my pickup truck like a total badass.

Problem was... No amount of research had prepared me for just how much everything really cost.

  • Apartments were a minimum of $900/month (and this was 16 years ago!)
  • Headshots were $500
  • Classes where $300-500/month.

SPOILER ALERT: I was out of money in four months. And hadn’t done a single thing for my acting career!

Using my 20/20 hindsight as a guide...

you’ll learn how to hit the ground running in Los Angeles and create a career you’ll love, instead of waiting around to be discovered. 

"A total game-changer!"

"I now have resources and the knowledge to position my acting career for an amazing leap. Understanding my type and how others see me has changed the way I approach my auditions. I loved the self-study structure because I could work around my schedule, at my own pace. An added bonus is I can revisit the lessons anytime I need a refresher. For anyone beginning their acting career, Actor Business Plan is the jump-start you need to do it right! Go team!"


"Straight-forward with zero fluff!"

ACTOR BUSINESS PLAN is straightforward with zero fluff. It leaves out the crap and gives only the nuts and bolts you need to build a successful career.


Actor Business Plan Is For You If You...

  • Are a big fish in a small pond and ready to dive into Hollywood. (or any other major film market!)
  • Often find yourself watching TV, Films, & Commercials thinking "Hey! I could do that!"
  • Are ready to launch your career in a major market & don't want to waste time flailing in a strange city.
  • Are not ready to make the move quite yet, but want to know what you can be doing NOW to set yourself up for success.
  • Are already in L.A., feeling stuck and tired of money flying out the door - wondering if it's adding up to anything.
  • Are an artist who can admit to needing a lil' hand-holding with the business stuff.
  • Want to avoid scams and wasted money.
  • Like the cold hard truth, served up with lots of encouragement and a little sass!


Enroll now and get instant access to your first module of lessons, worksheets and templates. Plus immediate access to our private mastermind community.

Still Got Q's?

I've got A's!

Will Taking This Course Help Me Book Jobs & Get An Agent?

Yes and no.

There is NOBODY out there who can guarantee your success as an actor in Hollywood. However, by the end of this course, you will have...

  • A CRYSTAL CLEAR vision of your branding & how you fit into the TV/Film market.
  • Working knowledge of the industry and how to navigate it once you're here.
  • Locked-And-Loaded answers for the haters when they ask why you're getting into this whole "acting thing"!
  • And a MASTER PLAN of action about where to spend your time, money, and resources once you’re here so you stay on track and make to most out of this adventure.

You will finish this course with an actual BUSINESS PLAN to guide your first years in LA.

Years of waiting around, wondering if you’re doing the right thing? You just got those back! Future you will be so grateful!

The "yes" comes in when an actor is so clear on where they fit in and have marketing materials to support that message. Baby, that’s like a sweet, sweet siren song to your dream agent.

Most actors who’ve been in LA for years don’t have that, but if you follow the lessons and do the work, you will!

Who Are you & Why Should I Learn From You?

I’m Tristen, a working actress in Los Angeles for the last decade. I’ve appeared on major network shows like NCIS: LA, Grey’s Anatomy, Henry Danger, & Jimmy Kimmel Live. I’m currently also the national spokesperson for three major brands.

I started out just like you, with a lot of talent and even more gumption. I moved to Hollywood 16 years ago and went from THOUSANDS of dollars of debt and major career frustration to six straight years of six-figure income. Now that I can breathe, it’s my passion to help others who are in the same position get where they want to go.

I provide career and audition coaching to actors at all levels and have used their stories to influence the content of this course. I’m proud to say that in the last year, every single private client has signed with new agents & managers and booked work. (dusts shoulder off)

I credit that to getting them extremely clear on what elements of their business need attention and creating a strategy around their needs. I’ve replicated that inside this course.

I’ve left nothing out. It’s all here inside the course. All the juicy nuggets and aha moments.

Sounds Like What I Need! Can't I Just Coach With You Privately?

You’re welcome to schedule private coaching sessions. However, everything I’m gonna tell you is right here, inside this course. For you to review any time day and night.

You’ll also have me and my buds helping inside the Facebook group. So, in the interest of using your resources wisely (which is what I’m all about, baby) this course is the way to go!

I'm Not Sure I Have Time For This! I Needed An Agent Yesterday!

I hear you. What you'll learn inside this course is exactly what can make that happen a heck of a lot faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

Once you've nailed down your marketable type and aligned your materials, I walk you through exactly what makes an agent HUNGRY to sign you and exactly what to do in your meeting.

I know you're in a hurry, this course is designed to save you TONS of time!

What If I Still Have Questions?

No sweat! Shoot us an email at hello@happyactors.com and we'd be happy to answer them for you!