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Grabbing this checklist tells me you're super committed to building the acting career of your dreams! I'll keep striving to bring you new tools and resources to do just that!

Here's the AUDITION CHECKLIST I promised you. If you're not the printing type, the checkboxes in the PDF are actionable from your computer. Oh bay-bay!

And as promised, your special bonus: A FREE audition technique class. In this hour-long class, I'll take you through the checklist step-by-step and dive deeper into strategy and examples. I can't wait to hear about all your bookings 🙂

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Tristen MacDonald - Actress/Screenwriter/Coach

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CSI: NY, Grey's Anatomy, Henry Danger, Amica, Mercedes, Taco Bell, Gold Bond.I'm teaching the hard lessons that took me over a decade to discover. My passion is helping the next generation of artists skip that frustrating step and reach their dreams faster. I hope you'll join me LIVE inside this training. I'll be there to answer questions and rock your world with the 4 Battle-Tested Mindset Shifts For A Happy & Profitable Acting Career. Let's do it!
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