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Welcome to Scene Study!

In this class, we'll break down scenes that **work** in our favorite shows and films. We'll unpack the choices actors made and techniques being used. After this course, you'll have a ton of new tools at hand to infuse your own acting work with top-notch choices.

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Course Outline

Stack 1

Will & Grace - Me Now

Unreal - How To Produce A Show

Friends From College - Wedding/Bathroom

Happy Endings - Brad & Jane Fight

Stack 2

Goliath - Brittany

Ozark - Marty Gets Busted

The Good Place - Michael's Regrets

A Walk To Remember - Butterfly Tattoo

Stack 3

Veep - Jonah & The President

A Few Good Men - Ask Me Nicely

Stack 4

Friends From College - Diner

Will & Grace - Fight

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Hula Hoop

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About the Teacher

Tristen MacDonald - Actress/Screenwriter/Coach

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CSI: NY, Grey's Anatomy, Henry Danger, Amica, Mercedes, Taco Bell, Gold Bond.I'm teaching the hard lessons that took me over a decade to discover. My passion is helping the next generation of artists skip that frustrating step and reach their dreams faster. I hope you'll join me LIVE inside this training. I'll be there to answer questions and rock your world with the 4 Battle-Tested Mindset Shifts For A Happy & Profitable Acting Career. Let's do it!
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