We are proud to offer unique services to actors whenever we see a need. Check back regularly for more ways to grow your biz.

Need a birds-eye view of your career trajectory and a sexy strategy? Help crafting that agent email? Someone to help you wade though ALL that reel footage? We got you! Schedule a 30min or 1 hour session with Tristen to kick overwhelm to the corner and crush it in 2019. Available in-person or by teleconference.

Social media isn't going away - it's growing. Instagram is the fastest growing platform of them all. But what the heck are you supposed to post? Your food? Book a planning session & 4-hour shoot with our photographers to bank a ton of sosh-meeds posts, all in one day!

You know you're not meant to be just a co-star. Create your own content so you can show Hollywood what you can really do. This package includes 3 2-hour private sessions to teach you how to write your pilot with ease - even if you've never written a word.